'This Opportunity Was Taken Away From Me'-USA Boxing's Hope Keyshawn Davis Opens Up on Tokyo 2021

It wasn't until the 2016 that the International Olympics Committee allowed professional boxers to compete in the Olympics. Not many pro boxers qualified for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. One of such boxers is Keyshawn "The Businessman" Davis.

Davis had qualified for the 2020 Olympics, but delays had seen the lightweight turn into a professional. Having gone 3-0 since, Davis has shown great potential in the professional circuit.

After a series of events, the lightweight has his sights set on gold at Tokyo Olympics 2021. In a recent sit-down with Sky Sports, Davis elaborated on how he plans to use this chance of a lifetime.

"For a range of reasons this opportunity was taken away from me, now I have it back. Something tells me that when they were changing the rules, they were thinking of me," he said. 

Going 76-12 in the amateur ranks, Davis primed himself for a shot at Olympic gold. The 22-year-old aimed to realize this goal of his last year, when the games were announced to take place in Tokyo.

The pandemic delayed the games and 'The Businessman's' ambition of securing the prestigious title.

After realizing another shot, Davis is confident of reigning supreme in the 63-kilo Olympic boxing weight class.

"I'm going to win this for the whole of America, I know that the entire nation is behind me. I'm positive I will win gold, it's as simple as that. It will make the American people happy, it has been 17 years since the last one," he says.

What Keyshawn Davis brings to Tokyo from his professional experience

In his 3 professional appearances in 2021, the 22-year-old has knocked out 2. Two of these appearances were made on the undercards of Canelo Alvarez's fights.

Thereby, Davis was able to register his name in the minds of boxing fans worldwide. He not only takes this attention in the ring with him when he competes at the Olympics but also invaluable experience.

'The Businessman' has also sparred with many top professionals like Teofimo Lopez Jr., Shakur Stevenson, and Gervonta Davis.

Detailing his experience, Davis says, "It was just a great learning experience, sparring all of those guys. Each one was a different experience. It just helps with the boxing IQ and skill level.

"To be sparring those guys, and then coming back to the amateurs, it is of great benefit. America has the best champions in the world, and I have been holding my own with them. It was just a great way to develop my skills."

Uber confident of his skills, Davis expects to bring the heat when he reenters competition as an amateur.

"Now I'm going back to the amateurs, I know these guys aren't on my level. I've been fighting them since I was 19, I'm 22 now," he said.

Davis faces stiff competition in the bracket. His former foe Andy Cruz, who was able to upset him in the World Amateur Championships in 2019, would also be competing alongside him. With the stage all set, will it be Davis' time to shine? Let us know.

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