Lootlove Luthando takes a break from social media

Lootlove Luthando has taken to her Insta-stories to share she has not been feeling too good.

This has not been the same for the star since she lost her little brother Lukhanyiso "Luke" Shosha last year October.

The former Metro FM presenter has revealed to her followers that she has not been doing well and she needs to recuperate.

Lootlove has been experiencing severe migraines and they have ladder her in hospital.

Although she did not reveal what the cause might be, she did ask that people who need to urgently communicate with her do so via other channels.

"Hey everyone. Just a note: I'm not well. Turns out these migraines are quite serious (landed up in ER). I'll be offline for a bit, please kindly contact Catherine for now: csidyiyo@gmail.com for anything urgent. Thank you," she announced on her Instagram stories.

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