"It's a Brutal Move" – Kurt Angle Says He Hates The Undertaker's Finishing Move

WWE Legend Kurt Angle is no stranger to anyone. The man is a national hero and is well-known for winning an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin' neck. And even after transitioning into pro wrestling from amateur wrestling, Angle had scares with his neck. After all, it was never a 100%.

When wrestlers have or have had serious injuries, they tend to avoid taking stiff bumps or moves. However, there are times when superstars can't really show a choice and have to take the hit anyway.

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle (Photo by John Shearer/WireImage for BWR Public Relations)

Kurt Angle hated getting hit with the Last Ride of The Undertaker

During the latest episode of The Kurt Angle Show, Conrad Thompson asked Angle an interesting fan question. He asked Angle which was the one finishing move he hated taking the most. To which Angle instantly said, "The Last Ride by The Undertaker."

The Olympic Gold Medalist further explained why he didn't like taking the move. He said, "You talk about wanting to crap your pants when you hit the mat. It's a very forceful move. He's 7 foot tall, so he puts his hands up and you're 8 feet in the air before he powerbombs you for the Last Ride."

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Angle concluded, "Your tongue ends up falling through your a**. It's a brutal move, it knocks the wind out of you." Well, even though the Last Ride finishing move looked like a thing of beauty, we're lucky the 'Deadman' didn't continue using it as often. After all, Superstars would've lost the match because of the fear of height instead of the move.

As far as someone like Kurt Angle taking the move is concerned, it is really very commendable. Why? Well, because a normal powerbomb has some adverse effects on the back and neck. If not taken well, it could leave the wrestler taking it with significant injuries. Despite this, Angle took an even painful version of the move.

It's really no secret Angle has a great tolerance for pain. He made history at the Olympics with a broken freakin' neck. He carried forward the same passion into the pro wrestling world and did what was best for the product, rather than what would've been best for him.

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