Aussie Equestrian Legend Andrew Hoy Enters a Staggering Eighth Olympic Games at Tokyo 2021

Setting Olympic records is a unique feat; just ask Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps. However, with the two icons missing from this year's Tokyo Olympics 2021, that responsibility falls to Andrew Hoy. The Aussie equestrian rider enters a staggering eight Olympic Games.

Andrew Hoy makes history

Having first competed in the 1984 Olympics in Australia, Andrew Hoy has competed in more Olympic Games than any other Australian athlete. At the Los Angeles Games, Hoy was unimpressive, finishing 15th in the individual eventing competition, but years of experience paid off in subsequent Olympics.

In 1988, Hoy finished 8th at the Seoul Games, improving on his previous performance. The following Olympics, he clinched gold in the team eventing competition. This led to the beginning of an excellent run for Hoy, and he grabbed gold in Atalanta in 1996 and gold in Sydney in 2000.

With over 28 years of experience in the Olympic Games, Hoy will lead the Australian eventing squad in Tokyo. His team includes former Olympians Chris Burton and Shane Rose, and Stuart Tinney as a reserve.

In the dressage event, Mary Hanna makes history by entering her sixth Olympic Games, at 66. All eyes will be on Hanna and Hoy, but given Hoy's excellent reputation in the sport, he will be a favourite to clinch gold at the eventing games at the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Who beats Hoy in this exceptional field?

Taking part in an eight Olympic Games is a gigantic feat, irrespective of age. However, Andrew Hoy isn't the athlete with the most Olympic Games under their belt. Even in equestrian, three legends have more appearances than the Aussie great. These men are Ian Miller, and the Italian brothers Piero D'Inzeo and Raimondo D'Inzeo.

Hailing from Canada, Ian Miller has competed in a whopping ten Olympic Games. This means four decades of his life went into competing at the Olympic Games, and that effort earned him the moniker 'Captain Canada'. Not only has he won over forty Grand Prix titles in his career, his one and only Olympic medal came at the 208 Beijing Olympics, the same year Usain Bolt announced himself to the world.

Piero D'Inzeo won six medals in the Olympic Games, his first win coming in Stockholm in 1956. His last win came in 1972 in Munich, but his last Olympic appearance came in 1976. His elder brother Raimondo won four medals, and had the unique habit of wearing his uniform while competing in tournaments, given he was an officer in the Carabinieri Cavalry Regiment.

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