"She kept saying she was tired and we kept enouraging her" — Obehi Omonua reveals how her sister, Judith died

It's been five days since one of Nigeria's fast-rising beauty entrepreneurs, Judith Omonua, popularly known as Ghunu died of complications relating to a heart condition. The 24-year-old founder of Ghunu Effect was loved by many who have been left heartbroken following her death.

Having struggled with an unabating heart condition for three years, Judith was finally set to undergo a heart surgery abroad, but due to the COVID-19 lockdown, her trip was delayed. Her sister, Obehi Omonua said that this weighed down on Judith who started to lose hope about recovering, especially on the weekend leading to her death.

Speaking to Neusroom about the tragic incident, Obehi revealed that Ghunu kept saying that she was tired of all the pain while they kept encouraging her.

"She was losing hope of ever getting well, but we told her that the lockdown would soon be over, and she would go and get her surgery done. We kept on praying for her, but her mood changed that Sunday evening. She just wanted to rest," Obehi said.

"I went to talk to her that [Monday] morning and she kept telling me she was tired and my mum and I kept on encouraging her. She asked us not to bother that she's fine, that we should leave the room. My mum went to prepare something for her to eat and I went to take a nap. When I got up in the afternoon to go and put on her AC and check up on her, she wasn't moving anymore."

Obehi said she was alarmed that the worst had happened and they rushed her to the hospital hoping she would be resuscitated.

"We kept praying for her turnaround just like in many cases where we practically prayed her back to life at the hospital," she said.

But this time was different. Judith was pronounced 'brought in dead'. The news of her death devastated both her family and friends. And as Obehi would reveal in a moving tribute later, Judith died in the middle of prayers after stylishly ensuring she sent everyone out of her room.

"She passed on by 3 pm, but she started preparing us from last month and prepared us again on Sunday about her exit," Obehi said.

Judith was described as someone who would go any length, even risking her own health to support others, and most of her acquaintances eulogized her as a hardworking and vibrant individual.

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