How budding beauty entrepreneur, Judith Omonua died after her surgery abroad was delayed due to COVID-19 lockdown

The death of 24-year-old beauty entrepreneur and founder of Ghunu Effects, Judith Omonua has shocked many who never knew she had been battling a heart condition for the past three years. Judith, who until her death on Monday, April 27 was the CEO of Ghunu, an organic skincare brand, never allowed her ill-health to get in her way.

But after struggling with the heart condition for years, she was scheduled to undergo a heart surgery abroad but was unable to travel due to the COVID-19 lockdown. According to her sister, Obehi Omonua, the due date for her surgery was three weeks ago, and Judith was gradually losing hope because of the delay caused by the lockdown.

Obehi revealed that Judith's life was occasioned by regular visits to the hospital as she often had to rely on countless injections, drips and oxygen masks for relief. But her health deteriorated to the point where she was now assigned a private ward at the Lagos State University Hospital.

"She used to be in and out of the hospital and sometimes she will be in so much pain because of all the injections," Obehi told Neusroom. "We were finally happy when the doctors said she can get an implant — a heart pacemaker surgery that will ease the strain on her heart. She was supposed to go for the surgery after the lockdown."

However, over the weekend leading to her death on Monday, Obehi said she started saying she was tired of all the pains and they kept encouraging her.

"She was losing hope of ever getting well, but we told her that the lockdown would soon be over, and she would go and get her surgery done. We kept on praying for her, but her mood changed that Sunday evening. She just wanted to rest," Obehi added.

Judith would later pass on the following afternoon following complications that led to heart failure. Obehi said that on several occasions, Judith usually passed out due to her inability to breathe properly, and they would pray her back to life at the hospital. But this time around, she was pronounced 'brought in dead'.

"Judith went to be with her maker Monday 27th of April 2020 at the age of 24 years on her knees praying after stylishly ensuring she sent everyone out of her room. She passed on by 3 pm, but she started preparing us from last month, and prepared us again on Sunday about her exit," Obehi revealed further in a moving tribute.

Many people who knew the Covenant University graduate of Political Science, have described her as a supportive and hardworking person.

"I'm in disbelief, how she always stayed strong, happy and ever hardworking. I would never have imagined she was battling a heart condition. I'm in so much shock," Betty Ekems wrote.

"This is so sad, oh my God. You left at the peak of your career, at a time you started making an impact and your name becoming a household name. Ghunu effect, may your soul find rest," Eweka Patricia added.

Judith will be buried today, Friday, May 1, 2020.

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