In a video which has now gone viral, a lady is seen slapping a police officer repeatedly for trying to enforce the coronavirus lockdown.

In the video, the woman is heard calling him "bastard" and hijacking his shirt as she holds him by the neck. She repeatedly cussed him out, telling him "It shall never be well with him" as onlookers watched on without doing anything.

The sad incident reportedly happened in Reuwa, Oyo state, Nigeria.

Hit play below to watch the heartbreaking video…

Buhari had earlier ordered the lockdown of Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria's commercial and political capitals, as part of the effort to contain the coronavirus. Lagos poses enormous challenges to "social distancing," but also has governance advantages other parts of Nigeria lack. Abuja is less crowded and in some areas has better infrastructure. It is also under the direct control of the Federal government. According to the Johns Hopkins University coronavirus tracker, as of the morning of April 1, Nigeria had 140 active confirmed cases, 2 deaths, and 9 people recovered. Nigeria recorded its first case of coronavirus in the country on February 25.


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