'We are feeding 300 frontline runners daily, complying with lockdown order' – Eko Hotel management on COVID-19

The Eko Hotels & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos is providing food for workers on the frontline, scaling down services across all its four arms, and running skeletal services to its in-house guests in an effort to adapt to the lockdown due to COVID-19. This is the update the hotel's management has provided on all its managerial and community activities in the last weeks.

Like several other organisations which have had to adjust to the dire economic and societal situation that has arisen as a result of the pandemic, the hotel says it has had to take otherwise tough decisions to play its part in flattening the curve of the spread of COVID-19.

In a note to esteemed customers obtained by Neusroom on Friday, April 24, the hotel's General Manager, Danny Kiopouroglou says "the unwavering support we give to the Lagos State government by putting our kitchen to good use as we contribute 300 packs of food daily, to feed the frontline runners and true heroes has kept us in good spirit"

Kiopouroglou also adds that in compliance with the government's lockdown policy, the hotel has made "the responsible and conscious decision to scale down our services across all four of our hotels in an effort to minimize risk and guarantee the utmost safety of the few guests we had in our hotel before the lockdown."

The GM, however, acknowledged that these decisions have their effect on the organisation's purse but expressed hope of a greater time ahead.

The hotel's management provided further insights into the precautionary measures its personnel are taking, such as sanitizing and disinfecting all surfaces around the hotel regularly, housing all operations staff permanently, providing hand sanitizer dispensers and protective gear for workers and guests, and ensuring that any guest who has just come into the country and hasn't observed two weeks in self isolation is not checked in.

It also provided updates on its skeletal services at the main hotel, indicating that it has launched a Take Out Menu delivery service for non-resident customers who like a variety for options and are unable to personally pick up their order.

"We have introduced a flexible, no-charge policy, enabling you to change your room reservations or event date (based on availability) as long as they were previously booked for the days affected by the lockdown order of the state government," the management said.

The management further added that a new date will be announced for its Eco Friendly Art Contest and all the other CSR activities previously planned around it.

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