Regions in Nigeria with confirmed cases of Coronavirus

Nearly two months after the first case of Coronavirus was announced in Nigeria on February 27, the virus has spread to almost all parts of the country. The pandemic which first began in Wuhan, China was introduced in Lagos by an Italian national who has since recovered from the virus. Subsequently, more people have been diagnosed with the disease, which has made Lagos and the entire Southwest region the most hit of the six regions in Nigeria, with all of its states (Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ondo, and Ekiti) affected.

Lagos alone accounts for almost 60 percent of all COVID-19 cases in the country, with about 376 out of the nationwide total of 627 as of April 20. FCT, Abuja at the centre of the country (outside the Southwest) follows behind with 88 cases while Osun accounts for 20.

The South-South region is the second most affected region with four states, Edo, Rivers, Delta and Akwa Ibom having at least two confirmed cases of COVID-19. Edo, with 15 cases, is the worst-hit state in the region, followed by Akwa Ibom with six.

Although Northern Governors disclosed that they are not keen on enforcing a total lockdown in their states, the Northwest and Northcentral are two of the most affected regions in the country.

In Northwest, Kano has the highest number of COVID-19 cases after 36 people were confirmed positive. Katsina follows with 12 cases, while Kaduna has recorded six cases including the state governor, Nasir El-Rufai. Jigawa became the latest to join the ranks with two cases of COVID-19.

Kwara leads in the Northcentral with nine cases, while Niger follows with two, and Benue one.

Bauchi State with seven confirmed cases is the most affected state in the Northeast region. The Governor, Bala Mohammed was the first to be diagnosed with the disease in the state. Borno is the only other affected state in the region with just one case.

With only three confirmed cases, (two in Enugu and one in Anambra), the Southeast is the least affected region in the country. The region which has large commercial cities like Aba and Onitsha has surprisingly waded off the spread of the virus. 

As of April 20, only 21 states and the FCT have recorded confirmed cases of COVID-19, cutting across all geopolitical zones. About 15 states are unaffected by the pandemic at the moment.

In combating the COVID-19 around the country, the Federal Ministry of Health activated the national Emergency Operations Centre of the Coronavirus Preparedness Group, led by NCDC to identify and respond to all cases of Coronavirus.

Between February 27 and April 20, Nigeria has gone from one COVID-19 case to 627 with 21 deaths and 170 recoveries. Almost all the confirmed cases were returnees and a few locals who had direct contacts with them. 

Preventive measures have been put in place by both state, regional, and federal government to curb the spread of the virus. Schools, business activities, large gatherings, and all flights have been suspended throughout the country. Lagos, Abuja, and Ogun are currently on total lockdown as the race to stamp out the virus rage on across the country and the world.

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