Manchester United to install barrier seats next season

English football club, Manchester United have received approval to install 1,500 barriers at their Old Trafford stadium next season.

The Premier League said on Wednesday that the barrier will allow supporters to safely stand.

The club submitted their proposal to Trafford Council last year and the seats, which come with a rail for fans to lean on, when they stand, would be installed in the north-east quadrant of the stadium.

Standing at grounds of the top two tiers is banned, but clubs have looked to find a middle ground, with Wolverhampton Wanderers installing rail seats at their Molineux Stadium last year.

"United will now discuss installation options with potential suppliers, working within current UK government recommendations relating to construction site operating procedures and social distancing," the club said in a statement.

The club's Managing Director, Richard Arnold said the seats would improve spectator safety in areas where fans are prone to standing more often during games.

"It also allows us to future-proof the stadium in the event of any changes to the current all-seater stadium policy.

"If the trial is successful, we may consider the further implementation of barrier seating in other parts of the stadium," Arnold said.

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