'I Implore You To Bank On Yourself' – Adekunle Gold Writes Passionate Letter To Fans

You see, nine years ago, Adekunle Gold was a budding graphic artist. Quite good actually. Also, I was in a boy band – THE  BRIDGE – with my best friend, Michael.

Fast forward to 2020. I wanted to hit Don Jazzy up on twitter DM, only to stumble on my 9yr old DMs to him. I cringed so hard. I laughed harder. I wanted the ground to swallow me.

You know what? How about you see for yourself…

Ok. Now that you've laughed hard enough, think about all the letters I've ever sent you. Think about all the lyrics of mine that have moved you to follow me and even allow me to share these letters with you. It would seem like there's a strong disparity between the boy that wrote those DMs and the man now. But, I'll be honest with you, no one could have known who I was going to become especially with ratchet DMs like that lol.

But remember what I told you in my past letter about the audacity to improve yourself?.

This is why I implore you to bank on yourself. Appreciate in value by developing yourself, by working hard. Most importantly, you have to begin.

There's this beautiful verse in the Christian bible that says "you should not despise the days of your small beginnings because the world will change their tune when you see your project to completion".
I'm loosely quoting, but it's there in Zechariah. I'm just too drowsy to look.

The world is changing its tune to mine. They are singing my songs and the DMs that should have brought me embarrassment turned to laughter because I didn't quit and God favoured me tremendously.

Believe it or not, I still work on my diction and my pronunciations. I've become an avid reader and that has greatly improved my pen. I pick up a new hobby from time to time. The latest is working out. I am writing songs for artists outside genres of mine and surprising myself daily.

So what is your song, my friend? What is the talent that's keeping you up at night? What are you doing to make it better before you start sliding into DMs? How are you growing and developing yourself? Have you started that YouTube channel? Have you learned that skill before you fundraise to open the store? Have you taken classes online? Btw did you know that most schools all over the world including Harvard are offering free online courses for varied subjects with valid certificates of completion?. Anyways, What have you done to begin to Bank on yourself?

I don't want you to rush, take your time. If you don't, you will crash quicker than you peaked.

That's my charge to you. Focus and get better, so you don't look down on the days you started. You can look back and laugh and say those were crazy, wild, hilarious, but beautiful beginnings. It goes up from here my friend. Hang in there.

I pray God looks favourably on all you do.
Adekunle Gold

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