Heineken donates €15m, assures no layoffs in 2020 in response to COVID-19

Beyond taking responsible actions in response to the fight against COVID-19, multinationals and other organisations across the world have started making plans and announcing actions in preparation for the economic effect of the post-coronavirus pandemic.

Since the virus spiked across the world, countries have announced the shutdown of several activities and ordered people to stay at home to stop the spread. Economic activities have also been on a lockdown across the world and Economists are projecting massive job losses when normal life finally returns. This has prompted some organisations to pledge cessation of plans of layoffs in 2020.

Global beer brand Heineken joined the list of organisations assuring that they will be holding onto their workforce and will forgo laying off anyone within their company throughout this year. As at the end of 2019, Heineken had a total of 85,853 employees globally, according to Statista.

"To provide security to its employees, Heineken commits until the end of 2020, it will not carry out structural layoffs, as a consequence of Covid-19," Jean-François van Boxmeer, Chairman and CEO of Heineken said in a statement.

The beverage conglomerate also announced other measures which include:

Donation of €15 million to support the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) relief efforts for the most vulnerable people affected by Covid-19, in particular in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Donation of water and non-alcoholic beverages, the production of hand sanitisers and monetary contributions to front line medical facilities and those who are at the front line of the Covid-19 fight.

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