Deltans can now conduct weddings, burials, resume work as Okowa relaxes lockdown after 30 days.

The residents of Delta state from tomorrow, Thursday, April 30 will be allowed to resume work, conduct weddings, and bury their dead following the partial lifting of the COVID-19 lockdown in the state. Although one of the least affected states with only seven confirmed cases, Delta had embarked on a total lockdown on April 1, to prevent further spread of the virus.

But after observing the process for a month, the governor of the state, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa said the lockdown will be relaxed to make room for some business and social activities.

"We are very mindful of the fact that each day of the lockdown was tough economically and particularly agonising for those in the informal sector who live on the daily income," he said.

By this consideration, all markets are allowed to open and transport services (Keke, taxi, buses) are also allowed to operate across the state while maintaining social distancing. Civil servants from Level 12 and above have also been directed to resume work, along with junior staff on essential/emergency duties, who have been exempted from the lockdown.

"While burials and weddings will be allowed, the social distancing rule (6ft apart) must be applied, and the number of guests/persons must not exceed 50," Okowa added.

All other public or social gatherings, including bars, cinemas, night clubs and conference centres are to remain closed. Both public and private schools are also on shutdown until Sunday, May 31, 2020.

The lockdown relaxation takes into account safety protocols that must be followed by members of the public which includes wearing face masks and observing social distancing.

"As we begin to ease the lockdown restrictions, the sensible approach is to do it in a gradual, systematic, and orderly manner so that we do not wipe out the gains of the past four weeks," Okowa advised.

The Federal Government-imposed lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Oyo will be partially lifted from Monday, May 4 even as Nigeria's COVID-19 cases surpass 1,500 with 255 recoveries and 44 deaths.

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