Deji Adeyanju as Number One terrorist in Nigeria

Investigate Concerned Nigerians' Deji Adeyanju now, CAFA tells security agencies

Deji Adeyanju exudes a petrifying stench and debauchery. It is very easy to sight or sense a Nigerian adult whose childhood was disfigured permanently in formative years. Even as adults, they still flaunt an aura of self-importance very egoistically; but act like untamed forlorn urchins, whether in cities or villages of domiciliary.

The basic belief in such fellows is that muscular might or insensible vociferousness solves every problem around them in the world. So, they hanker to fight in public to attract attention and loudly demean anyone suspected of antagonism or disgrace to a deserted dignity from birth. Devout your precious time to listen to anyone of them, but you will not find a plausible point to take home.

Usually, these delusive beings would claim knowledge of everything in the world, but barren of the idea that their daylight shadows trail them behind. Self-styled, Nigeria's street/ emergency activist, Deji Adeyanju fits into the description perfectly. He holds a sharp sword that noone should dare come close to contest the crown with him.

In the university as an undergraduate, in Bayero University Kano (BUK), Adeyanju was in the faculty of humanities. He was nowhere even near social sciences, much more science! Adeyanju studied English, spent less time in lecture halls, but wangled his way to have a certificate of graduation as a terror and gangster leader.

A university environment populated by over 5, 000 students, only Adeyanju and a few members of his gang in same varsity were fingered in the murder of a Kano millionaire businessman in his house under the cloud of darkness. Thereafter, he romanced jail.

And desperate to exculpate himself, he aligned with the godfathers in PDP; a political party Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka once described as peopled by a nest of killers. Adeyanju was freed by what the Ota farmer, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (OBJ) would call "magu magu" arrangement and he returned to his natural habitat – the PDP. And today, Adeyanju is a PDP national official, with the country's pot-bellied power monks perceptibly still shielding his unknown or insidious atrocities.

But Adeyanju is not to be blamed! He is a painful product of Nigeria's poor family upbringing; celebrating his repulsive debauchery. Anyway, he has to survive. And the diction of survival in Nigeria is that you turn rogue, criminal, dubious, and blend it with idiotic noise. That's the only way society notices and knows you exist in your world of pigsty.

Adeyanju knows the tricks and he is exploiting it to the fullest for personal material capital. He has enough area boys who cheer and clap for him each time he visits the village or stage mock protests in cities, disguised as public interest or pro-masses cause. So, he parades a swollen head, steeped in pride at public arenas as activist.

Inwardly, Adeyanju celebrates Nigeria's fall or any calamity which befalls his country of birth. He is the Biblical Judas Iscariot of present times; a betrayer of anything progressive about his country. Adeyanju prefers to make merriments over the victories of enemies of Nigeria than to see Nigerians smile.

In a recent Facebook comment, Adeyanju betrayed his unpatriotic emotions/actions on troops clearance operations of residues of terrorists at Nigeria's Northeast. With the COAS and leader of the counter-insurgency operations, Lt. Gen. TY Buratai personally in the trenches, leading troops to battle against Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists, Adeyanju sighted nothing good in it.

As factional Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau is stiffly scared over Gen. Buratai's ongoing exploits in the frontlines and exploring silent, beggarly ways of armistice and surrender. While the Nigerian military tinkered with the idea of his proposal and felt it should extend the olive branch to Shekau, the terrorists honcho, Deji posted on his Facebook page rather deridingly; "The Military says it will accept the offer of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau to surrender. Buhari is the number 1 enemy of this nation."

Perhaps, Adeyanju is on the payroll of Boko Haram and their foreign sponsors and enjoys the festival of blood terrorists have imposed on Nigeria all these years. He is finding it unimaginable that the feast would end this soon under President Muhammadu Buhari and the helmsman of counter-insurgency operations, Gen. Buratai.

One wonders what an English student like Adeyanju knows about wars and specifically, terrorism warfare. But Deji should not be taken for granted. At least, he was an alleged member of a murderous campus gang. But battles in the trenches are different from varsity gangsterism.

Does Adeyanju understand anything about international humanitarian laws, conventions or the principles of war? Deji and his likes are angry that a depleted Shekau wants to give up his evil ways and embrace peace. Many of them who benefit from terrorism and the sponsors have been in perpetual pains that the end has come and their ATM machine is running dry in the face of global financial meltdown.

It's a clear message that Adeyanju is an enemy of humanity and the entire country. His masters, forced Boko Haram terrorism, Shekau and his bloodthirsty adherents on the nation. And he abominably harvests from the festival of blood over his fraternity.

Boko Haram has killed Nigerians for over a decade and the final onslaught by the military to end it is a welcome development. Every Nigerian is interested in peace and security. Nigerians are craving for peace and development of the country. Deji is just an odious figure in the configuration of Nigeria.

If the likes of Adeyanju are unenthusiastic about peace in Nigeria and prays for a festering bloodshed and destructions of state assets by terrorists, they are free to inhabit another planet. But Nigerians are tired of this war, war and war! It has consumed enough of national resources both human and material. The Nigerian military should end terrorism by whatever means.

Adeyanju's opposition to it means, he is a man with a poisoned black heart. Nigeria has no space anymore to accommodate his types. Every good citizen should send a word of appreciation to Gen. Buratai through any means, urging him that Nigerian troops must finish the work of completely eradicating terrorism from the shores of Nigeria as quickly as possible.

But Deji and soulmates are disappointed because even before he breath the freshness of earthly air, the venerated Chinese war veteran and leader, Sun Tzu cautioned in his 'Art of War' that; "There is no instance of a nation benefitting from prolonged warfare."

Adeyanju can lick his wounds about the stoppage of his terrorism ATM card, but he is too infinitesimal to decide Nigeria's fate in warfare at any point. Seeking to mask his terrorists' status by profanely mouthing that Buhari is the number one enemy of Nigeria is laughable. Gone are the days dubious Nigerians escape under such veneer unnoticed.

No serious Nigerian should mind Deji Adeyanju's silliness. He has only exposed himself as Lucifer's most trusted first son and earthly agent. But he must be reminded that the decision of Nigerian military after deep reflections and consultation to accept a weakened Shekau's plea to surrender is not by the wayside. It is in consonance with global principles of warfare.

And it did not start yesterday in Nigeria. It was the revered Sun Tzu, who said; "When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard." Shekau is desperate to surrender to the might of Nigeria now! These are war experts expressing the philosophical intricacies of war which a self-styled and torn-coat street activist like Adeyanju is disputing with his blood-stained hands.

Dallah is Director of Communication and Publicity, Citizens Against Fake Activists and wrote from Lafia.

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