Davido reveals why people are 'mad' at him

People hate me because my father is rich, Davido insists

It is no news that popular Nigerian singer, Davido, has a bilionaire business man as a father, but what is news is the amount of hate he has garnered as a result of his father's wealth.

Davido who on one occasion has said he flaunts his family wealth on social media in order to motivate his fans to aim higher in life has revealed why people are mad at him.

According to him, people are just 'mad' because his father is rich.

This is coming after,one of his social media fans declared that the singer does not deserve the amount of hate he is getting from people around him.

The singer responded by telling him that people don't hate him,they are just mad because his dad is rich.

"What hate?? The just mad my Dad rich!! MY FANS LOVE ME!!" He said.



Some weeks ago, the singer's billionaire father  Adedeji Adeleke acquired a new private jet worth millions of dollars.The business mogul latest acquisition was a Bombadier Global Express 6000.

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