COVID-19 Lockdown: CAN Asks Churches To Open Food Banks

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Kaduna State has called on Churches to open food banks to provide assistance to the needy during the lockdown period occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Kaduna State CAN chairman, Rev John Joseph Hayab, the leadership of CAN in the state is not unmindful of what most members are going through during this time of lockdown.

He said although the situation was not easy, with obedience and strict observance of the laid down regulations of staying at home, washing of hands, avoiding large gatherings, ensuring social distancing and others as stipulated by the government and medical experts, the trying moment would soon be overcome.

He stated: "As a body of Christ, we should be seen to be exhibiting high sense of discipline and maturity by complying with the laid down measures initiated by those in authority for our own survival.

"While we remain obedience to constituted authority, we strongly implore us all to truly be our brothers' keepers at this trying moment when many in our midst hardly have something to eat or feed their families.

"I therefore call on our Churches to please open Food Bank so that privileged members can bring food there to be shared to those who do not have so that they too will have something to eat.

"This call is in obedience to scripture in Acts 4:32-35 where all the believers then were one in heart and mind, having everything in common and bringing from their blessings to the church food bank so that there should be no one that is hungry".

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