Coronavirus: Clergy urges Nigerians to desist from fake prophecies

Coronavirus: Clergy urges Nigerians to desist from fake prophecies

Prophet Samuel Oseni, of the Celestial Church of Christ, Parish 1 in Lagos, on Tuesday urged Nigerians and other men of God to desist from fake prophecies, advising them against using the coronavirus pandemic to deceive people.

Oseni, said that many people have fallen to some of the fake prophecies.

He advised Nigerians not to fall prey but pray unto God for a solution in their homes while they take precautions against coronavirus.

"Coronavirus is real, do not be deceived. As you take precautions, call unto God to heal Nigeria and the world from this pandemic.

"Nobody knows when the world would end and this is not the time to start giving fake prophecies. Let us leave fake prophecies because that will not solve the problem.

"We can only call unto God, who knows all, to give a lasting solution to this problem. People should also avoid fake prophecies and pray for an open heaven.

"It is sad, that places of worship are closed while drinking joints manage to open. If care is not taken, we'll lose our spirituality to the worldly life during this lockdown.

"This is the time to move closer to God, it is the least we can do to fight the pandemic. Some men of God, irrespective of their religion, should also unite while observing the social distancing and pray that God should put an end to the spread of the virus,'' he said.

The clergyman further advised members of the public to stop fighting and looting one another's property in the name of hunger.

"Killing and fighting ourselves will not put an end to that hunger. So, if we end up killing ourselves, do we take the fight to another country whenever we are hungry again?

"It is better to divert that energy into letting the appropriate authority know that you are hungry instead of killing your fellow man.''

Oseni warned youths and miscreants "not to turn our communities to war zones''.

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