Brazil president coughs at rally

Brazil president coughs at rally

Despite commitments by many states to maintain social isolation policies, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has disclosed that he wants isolation policies to end nationwide this week.

This is coming barely four days after the President fired his health minister amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Bolsonaro revealed that the measures had been imposed against his will and wanted them to end by the end of the week depsite experts warning the peak is still a long time off.

The president who coughed repeatedly while speaking to his supporters in Brasilia further described the virus which has killed thousands around the world as a 'little cold'.

Recall that nearly all Brazilian states have stay-at-home measures in place, some slated to extend until the middle of May.

The apex court in the country has already ruled governors and mayors have powers to decide on social isolation measures regardless of the federal government's position.

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro wants a quick reopening to stop the deterioration of Brazil's faltering economy.

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