Bop Daddy Challenge: Music Artist Falz Reaches Out To NIS Officials Facing Dismissal Over Video

Following the query letter issued from the office of the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service, to five women of the Service who had participated in the 'Bop Daddy' social media challenge, there has been several reactions online.

On social media, Akin Alabi, Stella Damascus, Ayo Sogunro, Segalink among other social media users, have voiced their disapproval of the actions of the Immigration service.

According to Segalink in his tweet, 'The immigration service is not a religious cult and any misogynistic culture that victimized women ignorantly like this must be called out. It is sad the signatory is an acting deputy who may not be confirmed after all if this is how he'll be malfunctioning over nothing.'

He added, 'The CGIS is in recovery and only resumed work today. I have spoken with him and this will be looked into. The Nigeria immigration service must never be denigrated by Sexists who have no regard for women. #EndImpunity'

The NIS Comptroller General Mohammed Bbabndede, on Sunday March 29 2020, announced that he had tested positive for the COVID-19, virus, he was one of the government officials who had earlier tested positive for the virus. 

The letter issued to the officials was signed by Iam Haliru, Assistant Comptroller General on behalf of the Comptroller General, who was self isolating at the time due to health reasons.

Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz, the artist whose song the officers were dancing to, on 21 April 2020, put up on his Twitter page 'Whoever has direct contact with the immigration ladies should please reach out to me. DM or something. Thanks.'

In a later tweet, he thanked his followers, as he had gotten the requested contact. Falz, a lawyer himself, is son to renowned Human Rights lawyer, and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana. 

Falz who in 2018, faced some backlash from a Muslim community, The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), on account of the controversial video to his 'This is Nigeria' single, is no stranger to social media outrage. The music video which was a satire about the state of the country at the time includes scenes that depict the kidnapped Chibok girls. 

MURIC officials in a statement accused Falz of trying to incite religious unrest. 'This video has the potential of causing religious crisis of unprecedented dimension. It is an assault on the self-dignity of every Muslim. It is freedom of expression gone haywire. We therefore demand its withdrawal and an apology to Nigerian Muslims within seven days or the authors and their agents will face legal action if they fail to comply.' 

MURIC had earlier considered a legal action against Falz but were advised otherwise and took a different course of action. 

According to the letter from the NIS, dated April 15th 2020, the women were to make a representation within 72 hours of the receipt of the same. More than a week has passed since the official correspondence was sent across and there has been no information from the NIS concerning the fate that awaits the officials. 

The NIS could not be reached for comments.


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