Car Tyre Safety Tips – Dos and Don'ts Before Changing a Tyre

Car Tyre Safety Tips – Dos and Don'ts Before Changing a Tyre is fully loaded in this post in such an interactive manner because nothing car ever move on earth without its movement medium, so it is in cars, tyre is a sempiternal organ of Automobile movements.

In that scenario is one thing to have a car and is another thing to audit its spare parts, because car works like humans being it can't do anything without a proper care not only on the tyres but overall preventive maintenance is very essential.

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That's why we composed this post to unavail to you the prime things you can never avoid before changing your flat or old tyres, it's important to have tyres on a every vehicle, it's also sempiternal to have good working ones.

there's one adage that states that human behaviour especially bad ones are like a flat tyre, you can't go anywhere with them unless you replace them, so without waisting much time let's give you Car Tyre Safety tips which are Do and Don'ts Before Changing a Tyre.

Dos and Don'ts Before Changing a Tyre

You can't just remove a tyre with your barehands there are basic tools and audits you need, below are they

01. Off Your Car Engine Entirely

Some of you May say we know this before, but we must remind you here again and again, it's too aberrant to jack you car as the engine is still on, you must off the Engine to avoid careless accident.

We are saying this based on the experience we've had so far, there are many heart touching stories that have happened based on this careless mistake which i will tell you at the end of this article if there's time, if not we will tell you on our next post.

02-Put On Your Safety wears

Yes you must do this because safety is very important, there's no way you can successfully change a car tyre without having dirt's on your body that's the basic reason why you must put this on if you not for another reason, some prime safety wears include;

  • Aprons or workshop gown
  • Hand Gloves
  • Google
  • Safety boot

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Let's just stop here because these are the basic ones you need for Changing car tyres.

03- Have Your Original Car Tyre Ready

It's too absurd to replace something you don't have, you must have a replacement for something before removing the current one, that's why we made mention of original car tyre because replacing the with imitation or quantity is as good as not changing it at all.

We recommend you to go for Michelin Pilot Sport 4, with this tyre you can drive your car on a heavy rain and Even on a swampy environment for a very long time. others are good but Michelin is one of the best if not the best.

04- Bring Out Your Tool Box and Have Your Basic Tools Ready

Tools are the only apparatus you can use to un – fix and replace your outdated or flat car tyre, without them you can't achieve any good result here, Because car tyre is something you can never change with barehands no Matter how strong you are.

Some basic tools includes;

  • Car Jack
  • wheel wrench
  • extension bar
  • locking wheel-nut adapter
  • torch
  • An emergency triangle etc

05-  Go Through Your User Manual or instruction Guide

User instruction or manual guide is very important here, without it you will never know the first step to take, that's why it's very advisable to consult the guide before you start doing anything in your car.

At times you may think that you knows what to do without knowing that the information you have is outdated one which may lead to accident, that's why it's very important you review your instructions guide, borrow if you don't have one before you embark on car tyre repair.

Car Tyre Safety Tips

Car tyre as one of the essential organ of every automobile is very much important to be checked or audited regularly for safety and other important reasons.

  1. Avoid constant driving on a swampy environment as it's one of the most damaging factor every car tyre can suffer.
  2. Always go with a spare tyre, yes we said so because tyre is something that can disappoint anytime without giving any sign, even if there's a sign it cannot tell you the exact spot it will breakdown.
  3. Be Very observant while driving to a avoid contact with any sharp object such as nails or any other metal related stuffs, as it's one of car tyre best enemy.
  4. Check them regularly before and after any trip.
  5. Do ensure you have your basic tools as listed above, as there will be referee to blow whistle that it's about to brake-down.
  6. Always avoid driving on a heavy rain


Your tyre cannot last long if you aren't keen enough to take good care of it, and do ensure you follow our dos and don'ts Before Changing a Tyre to avoid had i know which is a brother to Mr too late each time you are about to fix your tyre, review them above.

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