Sports betting – Find the best odds and betting sites for Nigerian players

Sports Betting

If you're looking to get into sports betting you have come to the right place! With the transition from betting kiosks to online betting sites, sports betting has never been more convenient or accessible. Here you can read all about online sports betting and find the answers to questions such as which betting site is the best for Nigerian punters, what welcome bonuses you can claim and what betting options you should go for.

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About Sports Betting in Nigeria

Sports betting in Nigeria is both legal and very popular, especially among the younger, fast-growing, internet-using community.

From the registration of Nigeria's first sportsbook in 2007, sports betting has exploded and has been embraced by many sports fans and gamblers. Where, in the past, betting on your favourite sports team entailed going to a kiosk to place your bets, you can now do it from the comfort of your own home with the convenience of the internet.

Over a third of Nigeria's population, about 60 million people, are spending around N1.8 billion on sports betting daily.

While the Nigerian Professional Football League is available to bet on, overseas matches in European competitions have become the most common games to place money on.

Even if football is the favourite sport to bet on, a variety of other sports can be bet on through several reliable and easy platforms. This includes Football, dog racing, Basketball, Volleyball, virtual games and many more.

Even though there are no sure bets, good winnings can be had with the proper research before placing a sport bet.

How to Bet on Sports Online

Predicting the results in sports and wagering on the outcome, known as sports betting, is an enormous industry.

While betting in shops and kiosks is still popular, many punters are appreciating and enjoying the online experience. Not only does it open up a world of gambling options, but it is a safe and easy way of gambling for both novice and seasoned gamblers.

The increasing number of internet and smartphone users in Nigeria has caught the interest of large online sportsbooks. This has led to an influx of online betting sites that make it easy to place bets with the click of a button. But before you start placing your bets there are a few things you need to take into account.

Consider Your Betting Odds

There are different bookies for different betting options and you have to make sure that the sportsbook you go with offers the markets and betting options that you prefer.

You also have to be sure to compare the odds offered at different bookies, as these can differ too. The reason why you will find different odds at different sportsbooks is fairly straightforward. Not only do these companies employ different people, they also get their odds from different sources.

Odds also fluctuate. Bettors must keep in mind that sportsbooks control odds to ensure they do not lose against millions of punters. That is why you'll sometimes see the odds change in the midst of a football match. Understanding the odds offered is key to a successful sports betting strategy.

What Are Odds?

Odds are a reflection of the likely outcome of a game. The higher the odds, the less chance a punter has of winning but with the bonus of higher pay-outs. Even odds give the punter a 50/50 chance as well as even money, with lower odds securing a greater chance of winning but with lower pay-outs.

Make Sure of the Rules

Rules can vary from one site to the next and for you to understand the outcome, in any event, you need to understand the rules. Not knowing the rules will have you making wagers while not being sure if it is worth your while. Another downside of not understanding the terms and conditions regarding a bonus or promotional offer is that you can lose the extra value.

To make sure you don't miss anything, all wager requirements are covered in the reviews of the sportsbooks.

Set up a Budget

An extremely important piece of advice is to set a budget, one you know you can afford and then also to stick this budget, considering it as an amount you are willing to lose.

Find the Best Odds

It is advisable to have accounts at several betting sites, helping you to find the best odds and lines for each wager you want to place as the odds can vary.

Mobile betting

While there are still shops and kiosks available for betting, online is now where the magic is, and sports betting is especially popular with football being like a religion in Nigeria.

For mobile sportsbooks to operate in Nigeria, they need to be licenced through the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, making it perfectly legal. It is very easy for players with mobile devices to bet online, and the youth favour online betting. Bets can be done with both Nigerian-based sportsbooks and offshore sportsbooks (so long as they have licenses).

Getting started with online betting can be done in three small steps starting with a simple "Join now", submitting your details and making your first deposit. A link/button will show "cashier", "deposit funds" or "my account".

By using the links provided here at you can be sure not to miss out on any potential welcome bonuses.

There are many betting site apps to choose from with Betway, 22Bet, NetBet, bet9ja, Betwinner, Nairabet, Betking, Pinnacle and Betfair being some of the favourites. These apps allow instant access to sportsbooks, with some apps even offering the opportunity to stream matches and place bets in real time.

Who is allowed to bet online?

The legal age for gambling is 18 and according to Section 34 of the National Lottery Act, it is an offence for anybody to allow a child below the legal age to participate in gambling.

An offender can get a hefty fine of 20,000 naira or a prison sentence of three years for tendering unlawful gambling under the National Lottery Act.

Is it safe to bet online?

There used to be a fear of electronic fraud that made gamblers wary of betting online. Now, reputable websites come with fast digital payment systems that have changed attitudes towards online betting.

While leading international online bookmakers accept Nigerian bettors, the naira currency is not accepted everywhere, money needs to be converted and it is important to know if they cater to Nigerian needs. Some popular betting sites that are localized to Nigeria and thus accept naira is Betway, 22bet and Netbet as opposed to ex. Betfair and Bet365 that require punters to convert naira to euro.

Options like e-wallet and prepaid solutions can overcome this issue and with Nigeria's healthy banking system, payments as well as receiving winnings with VISA and Mastercard will suffice.

How do welcome bonuses work?

Welcome bonuses, (usually free bets or enhancement on first deposits) are great opportunities to increase your bank roll and get a head start on your betting. With impressive welcome bonuses offered by companies such as 1xBet and Bet9ja, it is highly recommended to claim these as there aren't any real downsides to them.

One thing to know about bonuses from betting sites in general is that they almost always come with wager requirements. These requirements mean that the punter has to turn over the winnings X amount of times before they can be withdrawn.

Below you can read more about some of the most common types of welcome bonuses.

Match Bonus

A Match Bonus is a bonus added to that of a new player's deposit. If the deposit is $10 and the Match Bonus is 100%, the player will have $20 in his or her sports betting account. If the Match Bonus is 200%, a player will start with $30 in their account. This is the most common type of welcome bonus and one that greatly increases the potential return you can get on your bets.

Free Play Bonus

A new type of bonus called a Free play Bonus is offered at the most esteemed online casinos and sportsbooks. There is no need to make a deposit to redeem this type of bonus which usually comes in large amounts. This is not transferable for cash and comes with a time limit to win as many cash prizes as possible within that time. A specified amount can be kept over and above the original bonus amount as winnings.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are usually offered to members who register their casino or sportsbook account through an affiliate site, however some casinos or sportsbooks offer no deposit bonuses with direct signup. These are small cash gifts from the casino for opening a real play account with them. No deposit by customers is needed to claim these types of bonuses.

What is the difference between a No Deposit Bonus and a Free Play Bonus?

Choosing the no deposit bonus when creating an account will earn a punter free money on their balance. This money, however, cannot be drawn immediately and the rule of using a no deposit bonus is to play according to the wagering requirements.

In essence, a free play bonus affords the player free bets, while a no deposit bonus affords the player credits to get started betting. It's always important to read through the sportsbook's bonus terms and conditions to know what the wagering requirements are.

Questions you should ask before betting online

  • Is it a reliable betting site?
  • Does the deposit options suit you?
  • Does the site offer the sport you want to bet on?
  • What bonuses and rewards are on offer?
  • Is there an option to bet with your preferred currency?
  • Are you able to use your mobile device for betting?
  • Does the platform offer competitive odds and lines?
  • Do the minimum deposits suit your available credit?

Most Common Types of Sports Bets

There are numerous different types of sports bets and to be a sophisticated gambler, one needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of bets. It can be having better odds, making a more informed decision, having better returns for the amount of money you can play or staying on the safe side.


A popular method to bet is 1×2, also referred to as three-way betting, backing or laying a home win, away win or a draw win. 1 is used for the home win, x for the draw and 2 as the away win.

Assuming 1 team is A and the next team is B, X is used to indicate a draw. Team A is represented as 1 (for this example the favourite team is A at odds of 1.45) and B (2) is the underdog with odds of 8.73. The draw (X) is priced at 4.72.

At a 100 stake that team A would win, it will pay 100*1.45=145 in case they do win the match. Team B winning gives a return of *8.73 while a draw will pay out *4.72.

Both teams to score

Sounding super easy and straightforward, BTTS still entails strategizing, analysing and following some statistics in the game to ensure a win.

A both-teams-to-score-bet means that both teams playing needs to score at least 1 goal. Any result with 1 or more goals on either side, is considered a winning bet. Betting on the opposite result (one or both teams not scoring any goals) is also possible.

Over under 2.5

Ever watched a football game? It can take ages for a team to score. No wonder over under 2.5 betting is popular in this game. You can either bet that there will be less than 2 goals scored in the match or more than 3 goals without having to predict a winner or loser. You also don't need to predict the exact end score and with over 2.5 goals, there can't be a draw and the bet will win or lose based on the final score.

Live betting

If a punter places a bet on a game that has already started, it is known as live betting, in-play or in-running betting. There is less of a need for studying statistics and this way of betting puts the gambler at the centre of the action and gives them the chance of changing their bets while the game is on.

The odds in a game that has already started are changing every minute in accordance to what is happening in the game.

These changing odds, provided by a computer algorithm, will be updated several times during a game, keeping the gambler informed to make new bets as he/she sees fit.

Other popular alternatives in live betting is next goal scorer, next team to score, last goal and final number of goals.

Virtual sports

There is no context like real-life-clues in a virtual (for example) soccer match except the game itself. There are no individual players, no bad behaviour seeing players get sent off, rain, other bad weather conditions or infuriating referee decisions. The results in a virtual game is produced within certain parameters by a complex mathematical process. You are effectively betting as a blind man but with a possibility of 1 of 15 outcomes only, and therefore better odds are possible on these games.

Virtual sports betting is characterized by fast paced action and intense thrills as you get to witness all the highlights in lifelike simulations.


Either team can be given an advantage or disadvantage by betting with what is referred to as handicap. To level the playing field and create more appealing odds, a handicap is introduced to counter the perceived bias in strengths.

Betting with a handicap means that you give one team an advantage in the form of goals before the game has started. The more goals you give the team, the higher the odds will be that they win because they will have to score more goals than otherwise (the odds on the other team will subsequently go down).

This is a great way to increase the odds on a game you are sure a team will win by a couple of goals.

Final result

Betting on the final result of any sports match is probably the simplest type of bet on the market to understand. As straightforward as the name, all it requires is for you to predict the final result of the game, which sounds a lot easier than it is in reality.

Bettors must predict the exact outcome of a match, and if predicted correctly, they win. Final result bets are the most challenging of the lot and requires a lot of research. This in turn means that the betting option has very high odds to make it worth your while if you should win.

Sports Betting Strategies

As with most online gambling activities, sports betting comes with many strategies. These strategies can help give the bettor some insights on several aspects of the sport or match they wish to bet on.

It is, however, important to remember that, as with any betting activity, everything is based on chance. There is no certainty that a specific strategy will guarantee a win. The best strategy is to stay informed on all aspects of the sport, the team and the odds. This allows bettors to place informed bets, instead of letting emotions and favourites get the better of them.

Payment Methods for Deposits and Withdrawals

The most reputable sports betting sites in Nigeria offer bettors multiple payment and withdrawal options for their convenience. Bettors are encouraged to select a payment and withdrawal option that suits their needs and their pockets.


The most common process for funding online accounts in Nigeria is by credit or debit cards. It is a fast, convenient and easy way and doesn't involve standing in bank queues.

  • Customers must have a valid, funded Naira Master Card, Interswitch Verve or Visa.
  • Log in to your online sportsbook and go to cashier or Banking page
  • Open Payment or Deposit from the menu
  • Select Pay with ATM card and enter the preferred amount to your sportsbook account, submit and fill out the required information including the PIN before submitting this last information.
  • You will be directed to a page supplying you with a status update by which you will know if your transaction was successful
  • Your sportsbook will show whether the deposit is done, and your balance is ready for use


You will need a Paycom account, your unique sportsbook player ID, internet access or a mobile phone to fund your online sportsbook account through you E-wallet account. There is no fee and it's fast and simple.

  • Login is through My Paysite with the password and phone number you signed up with, select 'send money' option from the menu and select your sportsbook
  • Next is entering your unique player ID and the sum you wish to deposit
  • Make sure all your details are correct, enter your PIN and choose 'Send Money'
  • You will receive an online receipt if the transaction is successful and your deposit should be reflected in your Nigerian sportsbook account.

Mobile phone

Known also as mobile money, paying by phone is quick and easy and all you need is your mobile phone.

  • You will need your sportsbooks ID as well as the special code given to the sportsbook by the bank
  • The SIM should be the same you gave to the bank for payment alerts
  • Type the USSD code in with the special code, the sum you intend to pay as well as your unique sportsbook ID
  • The transaction is completed after you gave the secret bank PIN code and pressed send
  • Log in to your online account to confirm.

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