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If you think betting on sports is an excellent way to make the game more exciting, you are about to be pleasantly surprised by the wonders of live betting. Also known as in-play betting, live betting allows the bettor to bet on a match that currently taking place.

That's right, you can wager, change bets and so much more while you are watching the game unfold in front of your very own eyes. Needless to say, this betting option puts you smack bang in the thick of things, giving a whole new meaning to adrenaline-pumping betting action.

Not sure how it works or where to find the best sites offering live betting options? Not to worry, here you will find all the information you need to get you started. In the meantime, refer to our list of recommended live betting sites below to see where you'll be able to get more bang for your buck.

What is live betting?

In a nutshell, live betting allows bettors to place bets during a sporting event. In other words, wagers are placed while the match or game is taking place. One of the biggest differences between live betting and regular betting is the fact that the odds are updated as the game unfolds.

Live betting allows bettors to adjust their betting strategy and change their bets according to the odds offered and what they see is happening during the match. This, of course, makes for a far more immersive and exciting betting experience and is why a lot of Nigerian bettors make the most of in-play betting.

Even though live betting was only offered by betting exchanges in the past, bettors can now enjoy this great way of betting on several of the top-rated sportsbooks in Nigeria. Whatever sport you enjoy betting on, chances are you'll be able to up your game and indulge in some exhilarating live betting.

Popular sports to bet live on

Among some popular sports to bet on, some of the ones that are loved by most Nigerian bettors are soccer, tennis and esport. These three sports vary greatly in the live betting options that are available and below you can read more about them.


Soccer is by far the most popular sport to bet live on in Nigeria and for good reasons. Because of its popularity, many sportsbooks offer a great array of betting options for the punter looking to increase the thrill of soccer games.


Arguably one of the most popular sports worldwide, betting live on tennis has also become increasingly popular. Live betting on tennis is fun, with plenty of matches available regularly worldwide.


Although esport has not become as big in Nigeria as in most European countries and the US, it is still a popular sport to bet on, and the live betting options for esport at established betting sites such as Betway are second to none.

Whichever game you enjoy watching, whether it is Dota 2, League of Legends or Counter Strike there is always a live bet available. Some of the most popular alternatives that can yield the skilled punter great rate of returns are for example winner of first pistol round (Counter strike), first blood (Dota 2 & LoL) and even/odd number of kills(Dota 2 & LoL).

Great betting options for live betting

When it comes to live betting, some betting options simply make more sense. This is of course because you can change your wagers depending on the fluctuating odds and the overall gameplay of the sport you are betting on. Live betting allows you to keep a keen eye on your team's performance while giving you some better insights on the outcome of a match or game. Next, we'll take a look at the best betting options for live betting in Nigeria.

Next team to score

Being in the heat of the action allows you to closely watch the game and place your bet accordingly. You'll also be able to predict the next team to score much easier with in-play betting.

Simply bet on the team you believe will score the next goal. If your prediction is correct, you cash in your winnings. If the other team scores a goal, or if neither scores a goal, you lose.

Next player to score

If you prefer shaking things up a bit and playing on the risky side, you can bet on the next player to score. While you will still be able to watch the game and make a more informed prediction, this is considered a more specific bet with higher risks.

All you have to do is select the player you believe will score the next goal and place your bet. If you are correct, you win, if not, you lose.

Winning team

Be immersed in the game playing out before your eyes, while keeping an eye on the odds offered. Betting on the winning team is probably the most common and popular type of bet when betting on live matches and games.

Simply watch the game and decide who you believe will win. You have the upper hand in making an informed decision based on the odds and the game in general.

Total amount of goals (over/under)

Another popular betting option for live betting purposes is the total amount of goals or over/under. It's pretty simple too. The sportsbook will provide total scores you have to select to bet on. Then, you have to decide whether the total score will be over (more goals) or less (under).

Selecting this betting option when live betting is (hopefully) a safe bet, as your insights gathered from the game will give you a good idea of the outcome.

Live betting vs regular betting

Let's review. Yes, betting on sports, in general, is an exhilarating experience. But thanks to sportsbooks offering in-play (live betting) options, Nigerian bettors can now be in the thick of things before simply parting with their money and hoping for the best.

Not only can bettors keep a keen eye on the match and make informed decisions on which bets to place and how, but odds also change as the game plays out. It is also worth mentioning that live betting attracts a bigger audience, sportsbooks are inclined to offer more favourable odds too!

It is clear to see why live betting has boomed in the world of sports betting. Bettors can have the best of both worlds when opting for this exciting offering; watch and be immersed in live matches, and place bets according to changing odds and real-time events during the match.

Not to mention the wide variety of betting markets and betting options to choose from. If this sounds like a classic win-win, be sure to have a look at the top-rated Nigerian sportsbooks where you'll be able to place your in-play bets.

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